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QBMAYI Members

Executive Team

  • Neressa Noel, Coordinator 
  • Peter Kojo Quashie, VP Education
  • Lydia Vezina, Education
  • Jaramie Thomas-Gittens, Education
  • Olivia Roseline Koupaki, Public Relations Officer


Neressa Noel


My name is Neressa Noel. I have been a member of QBMAYI for about 4 years. I was introduced to the group by a church member who knew I was interested in a career in medicine. It was one of the best choices I made to join the group. QBMAYI has made me into a leader and has given me a lot of confidence for my goals. I have just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Specialization in Behavioural Neuroscience. I am now in the process of my medical school application and I am looking forward to that journey of my life. I have done a lot of volunteer work which has included working with children with behavioural and mental problems. I have worked in many labs psychology, biology and chemistry related. I am currently a volunteer at EMS (Emergency medical services) where I am a first responder for the city of Cote St Luc. EMS has given me the experience of a lifetime and has given me a stronger focus for my future as a doctor. I hope to specialize in Paediatric medicine but the sky is the limit. One advice I will give to anyone whatever you career choice may be. Whenever your struggle for your goals are getting difficult, remember that “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.” One lesson I have learnt is that sometimes we are our own enemies, so keep striving for your goals, keep working hard and your dreams will become reality.

Peter Kojo Quashie


I have recently completed the requirements of an M.Sc. Biology degree at at Concordia University. I am currently pursuing my PhD in Experimental Medicine at McGill University. Before my M.Sc. degree, I obtained an honours bachelor degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, also at Concordia University. I transferred to Concordia from the University of Ghana where I was pursuing an honours degree in Biological Sciences. My goal is to pursue HIV related research and I am on the right path. In my 1st undergraduate class at Concordia, I realized that I was one of only 4 black students in a class of ~150. I was thus very eager to join the QBMAYI a fellow black course-mate Kayode Nwanze asked me to accompany him to a meetng in 2007. That was the 1st time since my time in Concordia that I saw black students in the biological and medical sciences.
Being part of QBMAYI gives me a chance to mentor and inspire other black youth to follow the path to success. I believe that the key to motivating black students is to give them visible black role models who they understand and can relate with; which is why our high school visits are so important. Additionally, being a part of an organization where everyone is so motivated provides an extra motivational factor. I am also a member of Ghana-House, an association aimed at catering to the needs of the Ghanaian community in Montreal. 



Lydia Vezina


While completing my DEC in Health Science at Dawson College, I had an epiphany; at this specific moment I acknowledged the desire within me to practice medicine.  My journey into medical school began with a Bachelors of Science in Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University and has trailed into which is currently my third year in medical school at the same academic institution.  While applying for the QBMA scholarship, 4 years ago, I was acquainted with the members of QBMAYI during the award ceremony.  I instantly was captivated by their aspiring mission and felt the urge to take part in the process of their endeavor.  Furthermore, my extracurricular activities also include my passion for sports; I am involved in a multitude of physical activities such as soccer, basketball, hockey and snowboarding.  It is my belief that a proper balance between work and play keeps the mind focused and energized.  As I venture in the world of medicine, I am conscious that I will be faced with many life changing decisions, such as the area of expertise I will pursue, however I am certain I have made the right choice in joining the QBMA organization.  My alliance with QBMA association has helped me propel my career ambitions and envision a brighter future for the world of medicine. I am proud to collaborate with an organization that shares my values and beliefs.


Jaramie Thomas-Gittens


My name is Jaramie Thomas-Gittens. I am born and raised in the West-Island of Montreal. I am currently in my second year of Medicine at McGill University. I have just completed my Bachelors of Science in Anatomy and Cell Biology in 2010, also at McGill University. I heard about the QBMAYI through friends in university as I was looking for opportunities to get involved in underrepresented minority outreach. I joined onto the executive team in 2009 because it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get directly involved with Quebec's youth. Whenever I find some spear time, I like playing and watching sports in general. I have done volunteer work in various hospitals and clinics throughout Montreal. As of the moment, I think I would enjoy a medical career in a clinical or academic setting.



Olivia Roseline Koupaki


My name is Olivia Roseline Koupaki, a recent graduate from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Science Specialization in Biochemistry. I am currently in my 2nd year of graduate studies in Biology. I intend to follow up my graduate degree with a Pharmacy degree and ultimately qualify s a pharmacist, though possibly with some research activities. I joined QBMAYI in 2009 upon suggestion from Peter, our Co-Coordinator. He knew I was interested in pursuing a career in health sciences and wanted to be more involved in the black community. I saw an opportunity to partake in high school visits and help other black students build up their confidence and find more about health sciences careers. Before the QBMAYI, I had the opportunity to shadow a pharmacist and I eventually got hired as a technician in the pharmacy; I thus see the benefit of the mentorship program. I strongly recommend students to work or volunteer in their area of interest to get a real feel for the career they desire. It gives you the chance of knowing what to expect later on. I am also a volunteer with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.    
Past Members   
I am Kayode Nwanze and I graduated from Concordia University in 2008 with a BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology.  I also worked as a Research Assistant at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  I was introduced to the QBMAYI by Neressa, our Co-coordinator who told me it would be an interesting volunteering opportunity.  I soon found the QBMAYI to be more than that; It provided me with a great platform to connect with younger students in the black community and help them reach their career goals.  In turn I also benefited through working with the group.  Through organizing high school visits, I learned to network, communicate effectively, organize and lead.  This was a huge confidence booster for me.  Currently I am undertaking a Music Degree at Concordia University and even with the pursuit of a passion I still understand the need to work with my peers in the QBMAYI and help minority youth in achieving their goals. To me, a successful mindset is a transferrable skill for any field.


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