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In the pursuit of its objectives, the QBMA relies on financial contributions from many individual and corporate donors who recognise the value of the opportunities we provide. They share our vision of a vibrant team of young medical professionals exploiting their young talents to the outmost and contributing in full measure to the wealth of society. To all those who have helped us realise our dream, we thank you sincerely for your support. 



AstraZeneca is one of only a handful of pure-play biopharmaceutical companies to span the entire value chain of a medicine from discovery, early- and late-stage development to manufacturing and distribution, and the global commercialization of primary care, specialty care-led and specialty care medicines that transform lives.

Our primary focus is on three important areas of healthcare: Cardiovascular and Metabolic disease (CVMD); Oncology; and Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmunity (RIA). We are also active in the Infection, Neuroscience and Gastrointestinal (ING) disease areas.

We employ approximately 600 people across the country, including roughly 275 employees at our head office in Mississauga – headquarters for Scientific Affairs, Clinical Research, Finance, Information Services, Corporate Affairs, and Sales and Marketing. These employees work to provide our medicines to more than three million Canadians.


Banque Nationale


Rome was not built in a day, and neither was National Bank. Over the years, a series of well-planned mergers, acquisitions and associations that have helped make the Bank the partner of choice for businesses and individuals in Canada and abroad. 

National Bank In Brief

For an overview of National Bank's operations, principal entities and statistics such as number of employees, number of clients, assets and market capitalization, check out National Bank in Brief. 

Awards, Distinctions and Honours

External organizations regularly pay tribute to the achievements of National Bank, its subsidiaries and employees. 

Innovative Medicines Canada

Innovative Medicines Canada represents Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical industry.

We help our members discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines and vaccines.

Our membership consists of more than 50 companies, from established organizations to fledgling startups, all of whom are revolutionizing healthcare through the discovery and development of new medicines and vaccines.

Guided by a strict Code of Ethical Practices, we work with governments, insurance companies, healthcare professionals and stakeholders to advance the field and enhance the wellbeing of Canadians. We are committed to being valued partners in Canada’s healthcare system.

We aim to achieve these goals by forming effective alliances, supporting policies, improving Canada’s regulatory environment, widening access to innovative medicines and ensuring the effective protection of intellectual property.

We believe in ensuring that Canadians have access to the innovative treatments they need and that our activities are a fundamental part of safeguarding our healthcare system for future generations. Our work allows our members to focus on what matters: delivering better healthcare solutions to Canadians.


Hydro-Québec is a major supplier of electricity, relying on clean, renewable energy.

Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity. Its sole shareholder is the Québec government. It uses mainly renewable generating options, in particular large hydro, and supports the development of other technologies—such as wind energy and biomass. A responsible corporate citizen committed to sustainability, Hydro-Québec carries out construction projects to prepare for the future. It also conducts R&D in energy-related fields, including energy efficiency. The company has four divisions.

Merck Logo
From developing new therapies that treat and prevent disease to helping people in need, we are committed to improving health and well-being around the world.

At Merck, we are inspired by the difference we can make in the lives of Canadians through the innovative medicines, vaccines, and animal health products we discover.

In Canada, we market more than 250 products in a broad range of areas such as cardiology, infectious diseases, respiratory, vaccines, and women's health, and are focused on expanding offerings in other areas, including virology, oncology and diabetes.

Based in Montréal, Québec, Merck employs approximately 775 people across Canada.

As one of the top R&D investors in Canada, with investments totalling $22.6 million in 2013, we are doing more of what we're passionate about: working to ensure a healthier future for all – one person at a time.

Staying True to Who We Are

The past few years have brought great change to the way we do things at Merck. However, no matter how we change and grow, the core of who we are will always remain the same.


Sanofi Canada is the Canadian affiliate of Sanofi, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies.

As a leading healthcare partner, we provide medicines in several therapeutic areas, mainly diabetes, oncology and cardiovascular disease.

We are also active in consumer healthcare, through our affiliate Sanofi Consumer Health.

Our sister company, Sanofi Pasteur, is Canada’s largest vaccines producer. Sanofi companies employ close to 1,700 people across the country and, with investments of $129.1 million in 2013, are among the country’s top spenders in biopharmaceutical research and development.

Backed by decades of service to Canadian healthcare professionals and patients, we are partnering with our customers in the search for solutions to Canada’s healthcare challenges. These include innovative initiatives to promote the appropriate use of medicines, make healthcare more efficient and cost-effective, and help people better manage their health.

Shire Canada

Shire is a global specialty biopharmaceutical company that works closely with specialist physicians to develop and market medicines that improve the quality of life for patients, their families and caregivers.

In Canada, Shire focuses on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), human genetic therapies, as well as gastrointestinal and renal diseases.

Shire Canada is a market leader in providing effective therapies for ADHD, one of the most common psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents. ADHD is also increasingly recognized as a significantly undiagnosed conditions in the adult population. Canadians living with ADHD, and their health care providers, know the importance of medications like Shire's in helping them build healthy, productive lives.

Shire Canada brings the same focus and dedication to gastrointestinal and renal diseases. The company has pioneered a medication to enhance the treatment of Canadians with end-stage renal disease that are undergoing dialysis. In the gastrointestinal field, Shire has introduced to Canada a new treatment option for patients living with ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. 

Shire Human Genetic Therapies (Canada) develops treatments for genetic disorders known as rare or orphan diseases. Gaucher disease, Hunter syndrome (MPS II) and Fabry disease are three examples of uncommon, extremely debilitating medical diseases (lysosomal storage disorders) for which Shire Human Genetic Therapies (Canada) is partnering with researchers and specialist physicians to bring measurable improvements in health as well as hope to patients and caregivers.

Through the commitment of our employees, we are making a difference in the health of Canadians and the communities in which they live.

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Thank you QBMA!

It's a great and wonderful way to help those who are in need. As we all know, the cost of books can be very expensive. This is my way of saying thank you to the QBMA; I am grateful for the help they provided Tiffany in an needful time. Thank you very much once again. Keep up the good work!                                            

 Brenda St-Cyr, Parent of QBMA Scholarship Recipient