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Apply for the QBMA Scholarship

The QBMA has constituted a charitable trust, known as the QBMA Research and Education Fund. Its main objectives were to:

  1. Fund projects to promote and contribute to public education and understanding of the medical sciences;
  2. Fund projects to enhance the quality of public, medical or social services provided to disadvantaged persons
  3. Fund grants for Black students from deprived economic or cultural backgrounds to pursue studies in the medical sciences; and
  4.  Provide grants to Black students who have demonstrated leadership, past or potential academic achievements, community or extra-curricular involvement, allowing them to pursue studies in the medical sciences.

Every year, the Quebec Black Medical Association awards scholarships to deserving individuals. We welcome your application!

Eligibility Criterias 

  1. Full-time student registered in a Medically related field in a Quebec high school, Cegep or University
  2. Involvement in the Black Community
  3. Satisfactory Academic Record

Required Documents

  1. Application form
  2. A curriculum vitae
  3. A transcript of your last completed academic year
  4. Cegep or University proof of acceptance if it applies
  5. An essay of at least one page explaining why you would be a worthy recipient of a QBMA Scholarship
  6. Two letters of reference (one must be from your teacher/professor and the other must be an attestation of your community involvement)
  7. Two passport pictures

*New Deadline* : Wednesday 30 March 2016 at 4pm.

The Scholarship application form can be downloaded below (Également disponible en francais)

NOTE (1)

Please make 10 Copies of your entire application package. For the pictures, you are required to provide 2 originals, photocopies are acceptable when you make the copies of your application package*Please note that an incomplete application will not be considered. No exceptions.*

NOTE (2)

If you are awarded a QBMA scholarship, you could be asked to present a poster or ashort presentation at the QBMA symposium either on:

- Your current research project if applicable or

- A health related subject that you are interested in (some examples may be: a disease, a current scientific research)  or

- Studies/work done by our sponsors

Follow the links for more information 


QBMA Scientific Symposium 1998   

QBMA Scientific Symposium 2011

All inquiries should be emailed to:

You may submit your application in person or by mail to: 

Selection Committee for the Scholarships

Quebec Black Medical Association  

2021 Avenue Atwater suite 180

Montreal, QC, H3H 2P2    


QBMA Scholarship Application 2015-2016 (ENGLISH).pdf110.69 KB
QBMA Scholarship Application 2015-2016 (FRANCAIS).pdf110.53 KB


Quebec Black Medical Association

2021 Avenue Atwater suite 180, Montréal, QC H3H 2P2

Tel: (514) 937-8822


Adresse Postale / Mailing Address


PO BOX 49052 CSP PL Versailles

Montreal QC H1N 3T6



Thank you QBMA!

It's a great and wonderful way to help those who are in need. As we all know, the cost of books can be very expensive. This is my way of saying thank you to the QBMA; I am grateful for the help they provided Tiffany in an needful time. Thank you very much once again. Keep up the good work!                                            

 Brenda St-Cyr, Parent of QBMA Scholarship Recipient