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Videos & Testimonials

We caught up with some previous QBMAYI members and past scholarship recipients to get their testimonials. They kindly accepted to share their experiences and advice in the videos below. 

Many thanks to:

  • Dr. André Barnave 
  • Sandy Francois
  • Cymanthia Thomas
  • Sonja Damika Lue
  • Dr. Marcel Edward
  • Dr. Hakeem Sam
  • Dr. Karl Kabasele 

*In order of appearance in the introductory video "Where are they now?"

Where are they now?


The Youth Task Force (The beginning)


QBMA's Meaning


QBMA's Role


Lessons Learned


Greatest Achievement




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Thank you QBMA!

It's a great and wonderful way to help those who are in need. As we all know, the cost of books can be very expensive. This is my way of saying thank you to the QBMA; I am grateful for the help they provided Tiffany in an needful time. Thank you very much once again. Keep up the good work!                                            

 Brenda St-Cyr, Parent of QBMA Scholarship Recipient