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The main objectives of QBMA are to:

  1. Fund projects to promote and contribute to public education and understanding of the medical sciences;
  2. Fund projects to enhance the quality of public, medical or social services provided to disadvantaged persons
  3. Fund grants for Black students from deprived economic or cultural backgrounds to pursue studies in the medical sciences; and
  4.  Provide grants to Black students who have demonstrated leadership, past or potential academic achievements, community or extra-curricular involvement, allowing them to pursue studies in the medical sciences.


The Board of Directors is made up of the following individuals:

Dr. Edouard Kouassi, President

Dr. Nana Graves, Vice-President

Aline Dongmo, Communications Manager

Dr. Marian V. Simpson, Treasurer

Scientific advisor

Dr. Peter K. Quashie


Dr. Elrie C. Tucker

PAST Board of Directors of QBMA

Dr. Stephanee Bakare

Dr. Peter K. Quashie

Neressa Noel

Olivia Koupaki

Enza Pagnelli

Erin Hogg

Ian Wong, Conseiller juridique

Dr. Nina Mombo, Secretary

The Scholarship Selection Committee functions autonomously; the committee is made up of the following individuals:

Pr. Glyne. Piggott, Chairperson

Marian V. Simpson, Ph.D.

Doug Mitchell, B.C.L., LL.B

Horace Laryea, M.D.

The Hon. Mr. Justice Israel Mass

Norton Segal, Q.C.

Brahm Steinberg

Nelson Ubani, M.D.

Dr. Loydie Jerome-Majewska