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QBMA 30th Anniversary Gala: One for the books

On the 21st of October 2022 the QBMA held its annual Gala and Banquet. This year’s gala marked 30 years of the association, a spectacular legacy indeed.

Scholarship applicant presenting a poster on health practices among women in Canada

The event was held at the University of Montreal’s Jean Coutu Pavilion. Guests arrived as scholarship applicants presented their research on a healthcare topic relevant to the black community. Topics included but were not limited to:

  • Skin bleaching practices among women in Canada

  • Breast cancer

  • Why representation in healthcare workers matters

  • Strengths based nursing and its benefits to black communities in Canada

Guests settled into their seats to listen to three wonderful panelists, Dr. Nicolas Cadet, Kate Hooton and Dr. Jean-Michel Leduc, lead a conversation about the recent efforts made by major Montreal universities, McGill and University of Montreal, to combat underrepresentation of black students in their cohorts.

Panelists left to right: Dr. Nicolas Cadet, Kate Hooton and Dr. Jean-Michel Leduc
Dr. Cadet, McGill and UdeM alumni, with two of the pioneers of crucial changes in university admissions of students of color.

The award ceremony followed after a series of talks and presentations. QBMA scholarship recipients, pictured below, were honored for their outstanding achievements academically as well as in the black community in Quebec.

Elhaj, Hiba 
McGill Student 
QBMA Award Funded by McGill University 
Presented by Anita Hiba Elhaj
Amougou Bandé, Steve 
McGill Student 
QBMA McGill Award Funded by McGill University 
Presented by Kate
Batubenge, Gislaine 
McGill Student
QBMA Award Funded by McGill University 
Presented by Dr. Nana Graves

Lefranc, Tamara 
UdeM Student 
QBMA Award Funded by UdeM 
Presented by a Representative from UdeM
QBMA Special Recognition Award Funded by Black Studies Center (BSC) 
Presented by Aline 
Peebles, Alexandra
McGill Student
QBMA Elrie Tucker Award Funded by McGill University
Presented by: Drs. Horace Laryea with Dr. Esie Laryea
Kiniffo-Dongmo, Enila 
QBMA Award Funded by Dr. Hakeem Sam 
Presented by Dr. Nina Mombo 

Pictured below are our wonderful keynote speakers

Dr. Richard Koestner, PhD
Dr. François Madore, MD, MSc

The atmosphere was joyful as as the president of the QBMA, Dr. Edouard Kouassi, cut the special made cake to kick-off the cocktail portion of the evening. It was truly a night to remember.